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HI ON LIFE has just upgraded to version 2.0 and is now letting go of the concept shop in Malmö to focus 100% on the in-house design. But the aim is the same – fresh looks manufactured with heart and consciousness.

We are a crew of lucky souls high on life, working with what we love, design, art, fashion, culture and sustainable development. Our aim is to promote what we think is great style made with love and respect! 

We are now working on the A/W15 Collection -JESUS IS TRENDING by HI ON LIFE
The JESUS IS TRENDING collection is the first one made mainly in Ghana - Africa, where the new HI ON LIFE-base will be. 
It’s tailored by Rex and Agnes with mostly Ghana-made textiles.
The future dream is to be in total control of all steps from fiber to garment… we are not yet there but working on it.
As all establishments in Ghana carry funny names in favor of Jesus or God this collection is a tribute to our new home.
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